Badass Airguns is moving! - Thank you for all your support!

For the past several years we've been posting content to as a way to pull all our content and the content of others into one place that's under our control and not at the mercy of third parties.  While we'd hoped to see this become a true repository of materials, it has not developed into what we've hoped it to be. 

With that said, we are NOT GIVING up on the concept, but we are moving things to a new platform that is easier to work and far more interactive.  We hope you wil join us!

Please take some time an visit us at our new site:

Airgun Army is our new project that's based on the social interaction between airgunners.  We hope that you'll "Join up" and help us share the awesomness of airguns!  It's a great time to be an airgunner!